What is COPCAS?

The COP Climate Action Studio (COPCAS) enables doctoral students to remotely participate in the annual UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Conference of the Parties in real time. It enables doctoral students to remotely engage and virtually immerse themselves in COP – the most significant yearly event in the climate policy calendar. As well as hosting international negotiations for climate policy, it is also the venue for a range of policy, practice and research discussions around climate change, and for activists and lobby groups to gain public attention.

This programme is a partnership between the SCENARIO Doctoral Training Partnership and the Walker Institute, and is open to SCENARIO Doctoral students, as well as Postgraduate students at the University of Reading.

During the COP period, students work in small groups to attend different sessions remotely, as well as interviewing key people, and writing blogs about their thoughts and experiences. They are supported throughout the process by a research communications professional.

COPCAS facilitates the development of key skills surrounding interdisciplinary working, and provide direct experience of how researchers can successfully engage with other stakeholders. Participation provides students with exposure to the latest ideas in policy and practice, enhancing their abilities to work with users of research.

I very much enjoyed...

I very much enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you very much for making COPCAS an amazing experience! COPCAS was very well run, organised and provided a great creative atmosphere.”

COP CAS student

I really felt like...

I really felt like being at COP sometimes even if [I was, in fact] in Reading.

COP CAS student

This has made me...

This has made me much more aware of interdisciplinary perspectives towards climate change and that my view of climate change is very westernised and completely different to people from developing countries.

COP CAS student

I learnt about...

I learnt about interviewing skills and was able to gain awareness of my own strengths and weakness. I engaged and connected with many people in relevant fields and enjoyed being exposed to different ways of thinking and approaching the issues I am interested in.

COP CAS student

I got exposed to...

I got exposed to so many people, ideas, perspectives that have been worth years of individual reading online.

COP CAS student

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