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Learning to Co-Produce

What is Learning to Co-Produce?

Learning to Co-produce (L2CP) is an online course designed for post-graduate meteorological students (or those engaged in studies related to meteorology, such as hydro-met and agri-met) to strengthen their engagement with decision-makers and users. Drawn from a wide range of experience of developing weather and climate services for different countries and contexts across West and East Africa, the course comprises 10 modules providing:

  • A background on the process and principles of co-production
  • Approaches for conveying key climate concepts to non-technical users
  • Understanding of the decision-making context and support for users in appropriately using weather and climate information
  • Monitoring and evaluation to demonstrate the impact of weather and climate services

The modules bring together theory and practice, with each module containing a series of practical exercises illustrated with case studies, films and animations, together with links to resources for in-depth follow-up. All of the course can be undertaken remotely. Each module is designed to last around one hour with follow-up assignments to be undertaken individually or in small groups. Each block of modules will be followed by a live follow-up where the L2CP team and course convenors will provide feedback on assignments.

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