New course from the Walker Academy

Decision makers such as politicians, practitioners and other stakeholders are required to make evidence-informed policy decisions. Scientists and young researchers are in a position to influence this process by effective engagement and vital knowledge sharing.

Starting in 2024, we are introducing a new course ‘Engaging with Decision Makers’ which will be drawing on the Walker Institute’s work in the UK and international policy arena, focusing on natural hazards and applied ecology.

We’ll be taking our initial case study material from the unique wetland area of Wicken Fen in East Anglia, where we’ve worked with the Environment Agency, the National Trust, Historic England and local government agencies.

Headline topics covered in the course will include:

  • Co-production and communication
  • Synthesising evidence from across disciplines
  • Stakeholder mapping for policy influence
  • Power dynamics and
  •  Achieving policy impact through your PhD

For each of these headline topics, students will take away at least 1 practical tool, so they complete the course with an ‘Engaging with Decision Makers ‘SOP’ toolkit and a mini guide they can use as a refresher.

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