My Climate Risk

MCR Interdisciplinary Learning Group

The Walker Institute, as one of the WCRP My Climate Risk hubs, is excited to invite you to join the My Climate Risk Interdisciplinary Learning Group.

With the need to address climate challenges becoming ever more pressing, this group aims to bridge the gaps between diverse fields, delivering a more cohesive view of risk and adaptation. It aims to foster intellectual exchange and collaboration among Reading University students, staff, and individuals from other interested institutions across the My Climare Risk regional hubs. 

If you are interested in joining the group please complete this form.

What you can expect from the MCRILG:

    • Relevant readings chosen by presenters with a huge range of experience.
    • Engaging, thought-provoking discussion.
    • Insights from experts aimed at inspiring those from different disciplines.
    • A chance to experience varied perspectives on climate action.

Join us via Zoom on the second Monday of every month, from 1-2pm (GMT).

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