Adaptation Futures – October 2 to 6, 2023

The Walker Institute will be attending the conference Adaptation Futures taking place from October 2 to 6 this year. More than 1500 members of the climate change adaptation community from around the world gather in Montreal to share their knowledge on the challenges and opportunities of adaptation.


Annual Conference OR65 – Presentation from Dr Harley Pope

Dr Harley Pope attended the conference and delivered a presentation on the following topic: “Finding common ground or harmonising the incommensurable? A critical reflection on integrating diverse systems thinking approaches through exploring the nature of mind and its foundational role in the act of structuring reality.”


Outreach Climate Change Talk at Henley College

Dr Cathie Wells and PhD student Jessica Underwood were invited by Henley College to present the Walker Institute’s work and their involvement in CoP27 to a group of Year 12 and 13 environmental science students, within the broader framework of climate change adaptation.

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