Daniel Mardi

Research Assistant


Daniel is passionate about integrating scientific and social research. At King’s College London, I completed an MSc in Environment, Politics and Development and am currently completing an MPhil in Development of Emerging Economies, specialising in the impacts of infrastructure development in Kenya. I am looking to integrate my Development Economics background into the scientific community.

At Walker, I am working on the ClimTip program using my social and environmental science background to help improve data transparency within risk mitigation research and be a part of the adaptation of early warning famine systems in the Sahel region of Africa. The 2020 Ecological Threat Register recognised the Sahel belt as one of three ecological hotspots, which include regions with increased environmental stress that are more prone to socio economic collapse. I am a believer in mixed-method research to gain broader perspectives on large-scale climate issues, and I am dedicated to the pursuit of developing the best possible climate risk mitigation models to date.